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CXO Pakistan is one of the fastest growling communities of Pakistan with an aim to build a platform/society where CXOs can interact, learn, educate, and collaborate with each other to build better, progressive, and sustainable Technology companies. At CXO Pakistan different C-Level executives, Founders, and Entrepreneurs from technology companies meet and discuss challenges, share their thoughts, find solutions, and share resources to help each other in their entrepreneurial journeys. CXO Pakistan aim is to educate and empower the tech companies of Pakistan by sharing knowledge and experiences of Industry Leaders, Thoughtful Trainers, and Domain Experts. Through this CXO Pakistan wants to help fellow C-Level executives in exploring more markets and increasing IT exports.

CXO Pakistan has already arranged 15+ closed group discussion where they have discussed variety of topics covering new market challenges, sales and marketing, team building etc.

CXO Pakistan also launched signature series "TAX Regulations in IT Sector" which was hosted in 3 different cities i.e. Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. The aim was to educate Tech Companies, Startups, and SMEs on Tax regulations and understanding of how to file their annual returns. This signature series got overwhelming response from the communities of all three cities.

CXO Pakistan will be introducing new topics and discussions very soon!

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